How Churton uses nature to combat the effects of hail

Hail in vineyardLast week Churton was at the mercy of the weather and suffered considerable damage to the vines following a localized hail storm.  Some blocks came through better than others.  We are now working alongside nature to give as much care and attention to the vines as we can. 


Bee in vineyard

Our vineyard based housekeepers are hard at work – The vineyard bees are working to clean up the broken berries to minimize potential infection sites.  Kevin has boosted the number of hives we have so it is all hands on deck.

We have been brewing biodynamic teas (Nettle and Equisetum) to apply to the vines in conjunction with seaweed.  Equisetum (horse tails) with its high silica content warms the plant but also acts as an anti-fungal application.  The nettle tea has a warming effect as well as encouraging the vine to build back as much potassium as possible into the leaf area.


We wish to let you all know, that Churton will be producing a 2014 vintage of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Viognier from the vineyard – the production may be limited, but rest assured the fruit that we do pick will be up to our usual standard – Sam won’t let anything less than great go into a Churton bottle of wine.


We would like to thank a number of Marlborough wineries and viticulturalists – you know who you are – who have offered their moral support as well fruit availability if required.  It is great to be part of a wider team that shares the load. 


So now it is time to wish everyone the very best for Vintage 2014!


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