Churton is focused on producing limited volumes of high quality Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Pinot Noir from Marlborough, New Zealand and will soon release New Zealand’s first Petit Manseng.   We aim to produce sophisticated wines that have elegance and texture, complexity and layers of flavour, subtlety and length. We want our wines to be a true expression of their organic origin. We produce “vins de terroir” not “vins de technique”. Our philosophy incorporates a traditional “old world” approach to our viticulture with a North East facing hillside vineyard with close planting and low cropping vines and with all work done by hand including picking at harvest. Hand Picking GrapesWe apply the same “old world” approach to our winemaking which involves minimal intervention, lees contact in the Sauvignon Blanc, use of French oak for Pinot Noir and the use of a natural cork closure. We use biodynamic practices in our vineyard operations and are currently in organic conversion with Biogro. We apply the principles of the biodynamic calendar to key viticultural and winemaking practices and operations such as vine planting, fruit picking, filtering and bottling of our wines.

We are also guided by the calendar in our tasting schedules.

We have been producing Churton Sauvignon Blanc since 1997,  Churton Pinot Noir since 2000, Churton Viognier since 2010 and released New Zealand’s first release of Petit Manseng from the 2012 vintage in 2013.

The Churton difference

  •  Biodynamic vineyard practices and strict yield control.
  •  A wine style that offers intense fruit flavours with texture, delicacy and length.
  • Our wines are bone dry.
  • The use of natural cork closures for all our wines allows the wine to develop texture, palate weight and length.
  •  We use lay down packaging and are continually looking at ways to enhance packaging quality and materials.

Our winemaking is focussed exclusively on producing high quality Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir
that combines the renowned flavour of Marlborough and the complexity of fine European wines.