The Vineyard Team

With the winter crop of oats now in and replenishing the soil, the vineyard awaits pruning. This year we have another culturally diverse crew of pruners ready to go. So far we have an Australian a Chilean an Italian and an Israeli, plus Ben the token Kiwi. It’s always great bringing in people from differing nationalities and makes for some fascinating lunch time discussions.

The annual Churton compost collection has begun, with Ben and friend Arthur making the most of a quiet time in the vineyard. They have been thinning out some trees along the boundary. These trees (ngaios) will be chipped into small pieces and used as carbon matter for the compost. At night we have been isolating the cattle in the yards with a bed of hay. The idea being that we get a nicely concentrated area of pooey hay, great for the compost. The last thing we now need is a trip to the beach for seaweed collection. This involves hard work, luck from the weather and expert timing to avoid getting stuck by the incoming tide.

The vineyard is looking good and I’m sure this year’s compost will be another cracker.

 For any enquiries regarding our vineyard and how we use organic and biodynamic practices, feel free to contact us.

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